1 września 2016

Piosenka/The song: "For freedom"

For freedom

Capo 2

                h                                 h
1.       Guardian Angel, Guardian Angel
D                            A
I call to you today!
I have to fight on the field
where I am a stranger.

h                            G                            D A
I’m a sword, shield, blood and soul.
My heart is like an indestruclible stone.
I’m looking into eyes of my enemies.
I haven’t right to be afraid
But the war continues. h A A

h                            h
For freedom, for our home
D            A
I sacrifice my life.
h                            h
With brothers and sisters
D                            A
We’re ready to say goodbye.
e                                            h
My God will not leave me alone
D                            A
During the last breath.
h                            h
For freedom, for our home
I will die!

2.       Guardian Angel, Guardian Angel
You know that I’m a worrior.
Despite young age I have
A man’s bravery and rage.

When my time comes I’ll proudly walk
With my brothers in a better world,
Where you can’t hear the noise

Of battle and war. D A h

For freedom, for our home ...

h           a
Humans of the earth,
       e                  D                       e
Come out from the darkness of your fear!
        a             e               D              e
Come by a sound of iron and hot of fire!
e                 C                  D                 e
On a ground washed away by the blood, clear.
d              C               E           a
Come to die, quench your bad desires!

For freedom, for our home ...

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