17 stycznia 2014

Piosenka: "A song for you"

"A song for you"

No copo                   
1. My eyes are like a fire
h               G 
when I see you.
My heart is like a fire
when I hug you too.
I stop breathe but my heartbit
is less quietly.
                 D                             h
Now I know what is happening
G     D
with me.
D     h   G    A
I have just loved you, baby.

2. Everywhere I'm, I still 
think about your face.
I feel your touch for all
time, in ever place.
Come with me, I will steal you to
a beauty paradise.
We can fly, we must just try.

I wanna:
G      D      A
Melt in your kisses
G        h         D
Sleep in your arms.
G       D      A      D
Feel myself like a princess.
G     D     A    G    D
[ Want to repair all your harms. ] x2
G  D  A


"A song for you"

Tyle miłości haha <3

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