9 sierpnia 2013

Piosenka: "Woman's hope"

"Woman's hope"
e  a    e      D
1.Lost woman in the world is looking for you there,
e   C   D     G/e
looking in the mirror like saw you in him.
Tell her baby where you were disappeard,
Because she still belives that love will win. 
Ref. I cry ,still I cry     F C
      I am scared of death     G a
    I am terrified by the though   
 that you may not be.   
When one of us dies 
the other dies with him 
but this love will last  F a
If we won't be.  G a
2.Tell her baby,are you still alive?
Because you stayed somewhere in her heart.
She won't wait forever for your return,
    But she even has a hope that you are somewhere.

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