9 sierpnia 2013

Piosenka: "The storm"

"The storm"
 no Capo                                        
F   a
My life is a storm
C       G
so huge that I can't fight it
Still raining from my eyes
still thunders
Oh my God, I feel like
Storm rips my soul in half
F      G
Everything wins with me
C         a
I haven't strength

d        a         C                 G
 1.Walking down the street look at the world
To the left I see dealers
to the right of the gold robbers

  d        a
the back refugees
 d       a     C      G
I go forward and I pass people
  d       a
beggars and the rich
nuns and bitches
I can't look at it

   d    a      C            G        D
And ask where are the people of God, where
        d        a        C       G

2. Someone said to me, I don't understand
Someone nudges me, I don't know why
     d       a
What I'm doing here?
    C          G
In a black cold night alone
  d    a        C         G
I don't know why I start to run
  d        a
before who and where
in a dark fog
I can't see anything
d         a              C     G
Please let someone help me, will pull me.

 C                       G
I just want to someone understand me
 C                  a
I can't sort out my emotions
 a        C
don't you see?
 G        D
Please hear me
 C     G
don't hurt me
don't come
don't knock
  C                  G
I don't want to be here
a C G     D

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